My Marketing Class, Enlightening Mind Toward ASEAN Economic Community

Marketing Management Class PMB 541

Lecturer Prof Dr Ir Ujang Sumarwan, MSc

Dr. Muhammad Najib, STP

Based on Book written by Ujang Sumarwan, Agus Djunaidi, Aviliani, H.C.Royke Singgih, Jusup Agus Sayono, Rico R Budidarmo, Sofyan Rambe. 2009. Pemasaran Strategik: Strategi untuk Pertumbuhan Perusahaan dalam Penciptaan Nilai bagi Pemegang Saham (Strategic Marketing: Strategy for Corporate Growth in Creating Share Holder Value). Jakarta. Inti Prima


Based on Sumarwan, U., Achmad Fachrodji., Adman Nursal., Arissetyanto Nugroho., Erry Ricardo Nurzal., Ign Anung Setiadi., Suharyono., Zeffry Alamsyah. 2010. Pemasaran Strategik: Persfektif Value-Based Marketing dan Pengukuran Kinerja.(Strategic Marketing: Value Based and Performance Measurement Perspectives) Bogor, IPB Press.


Class note

(Hakuna Matata and look beyond what you see -Lion King-)

Recently, I am a master student of Management and Business IPB, such a great blessing from Allah in this passing year. Studying different subject concentration than my earlier degree is gaining such interest in me. In this period, I am studying about financial management, Operation and Production Management, and Marketing Management. The last subject was attracting my concern, because in the beginning of the class, the Professor, Mr Ujang Sumarwan, was give us beneficial information about ASEAN Economic Community which will be started in 2015, and marketing paradigm to take a chance in every faced problems.
Mr Ujang was started to talk about paradigm. In every nation, will be developed based on people paradigm to face and solve the existing problem. One problem might be solved in different way depend on decision maker paradigm.
Halal label case in 1980, Indonesian government seen the problem as political tools for particular people to gain people interest and political alignment, while Australian government seen the halal label case is one of marketing strategy to market their product especially in meat product. Australian government noticed that, Islam is one of largest religion in the world. Every moeslem, Islam people, have to life under several rules in Al-quran and Al-Hadist, include any kind of food they are allowed to eat. The food must be in good quality and halal. Thus, will be a chance to expand Australian meat market into moeslem country such as Middle East, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey. In early 2000, Australian government has been successful to build sustainable halal assurance system, and Indonesian government was starting to study that system to Australian government.
This case proved that different paradigm will resulted different action to see a problem. The action weather could be a competitive advantage or result nothing for us. Global market and global community, such as ASEAN Economic Community is strives Indonesia to create own competitive advantage and develop the marketing paradigm so that, Indonesia could compete and lead the global market.

PS. Talking about marketing strategy, Mr Ujang was give his brief explanation in his two latest book. Those books are recommended for everyone who interest in marketing study, and available in your favorite bookstore or IPB library. Have a nice day.

Best regards
Novicha Sofriani
Graduate student of Management and Business (E45)
Institut Pertanian Bogor